April 13, 2005

Turn your Lunch Around

How a virus manages to decipher and change detailed information in a wave-form astounds me, but I'll go with it - coz it made me laugh. Sorry about your troubles with this Jonathan, but whoever came up with this at least had a sense of humour.

..from Jonathan's explosion..

"Well it has been a harrowing week in Explosionville folks, as we clean up after one of the meanest, nastiest and destructive viruses that can befall your MP3 files. No doubt you've read about it in the tech press and it caught us before we could update the virus definition files. Yes, it's that Lunch Virus. Many of you will have heard that this virus goes and looks for the word love in your MP3 files, and then changes the sound in the file to make it sound like lunch instead. That's why you've been hearing songs this week such as I'm in the mood for Lunch, Lunch is better the Second time Around, I've got my lunch to keep me warm, The Things we do for Lunch, my Lunch, my life, The Look of Lunch, I'm all out of Lunch, Lost in Lunch, Making Lunch out of Nothing at All, When we Make Lunch, We don't make Lunch anymore, I just fall in Lunch again, How Deep is your Lunch, Do you Lunch as Good as you Look, The Gift of Lunch, To make you Feel my Lunch, Lost without your Lunch, Too much Lunch will Kill you, Lunch will keep us Together, Never Ending Song of Lunch, Endless Lunch, Where did our Lunch go, You Can't Hurry Lunch, Puppy Lunch, Better Lunch Next Time, After the Lunch is Gone, What is this thing called Lunch, I Want Lunch, Part time Lunch, Bye bye Lunch, Lunch and Marriage, Turn your Lunch Around, Everlasting Lunch, Sea of Lunch, What the World needs now is Lunch, You always hurt the one you Lunch, Lunch is a Battle field, Tonight I celebrate my Lunch, A Woman Needs Lunch Just like You Do, Feel like Makin Lunch, Let my Lunch be your Pillow, Tainted Lunch, You've got to hide your Lunch away, Don't throw your Lunch Away, The Greatest Lunch of all, and Saving all my Lunch for you."

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