June 14, 2006

80s Stripped

A neat idea and perhaps a good enough reason to give the 80s another chance - especially if you REALLY hate the image, at least the original artist has the chance to branch through 20 years of musical adaptation and revisit their old, and most memorable work.

The two songs I have posted here are particular favourites of mine. Howard Jones does "No One Is To Blame" on his piano. Its clear how great lyrics and a great, simple melody makes a great song. Toward the end of the song, you think he's done and wrapped up the song, but uses a cadence to encore the chorus twice more, with audience singing along. Cute.

As for "Promises Promises" by Naked Eyes, I hope most of you know that Madonna was featured on the 12" version - as the female subject, answering why she never kept her promises, and it would have been nice to have this in the 'stripped' version. Although it isn't, the arrangement makes this song much more emotional and less 'poppy'.

There are a couple of abysmal tracks on this album as well. I'm highlighting Colin Hay of Men at Work doing 'Down Under', Hearts 'These Dreams', and Tommy Tutone's '867-5309/Jenny'. Woof.

The rest are awesome - if you buy the album, Rick Springfield's 'Jesses Girl' will stand out. I really liked the nuttiness of Thomas Dolby's 'She Blinded Me With Science'. Why? Those original samples of Magnus Pyke screaming Science! were played live, and oddly reminded me of the Munsters.


Howard Jones - No One Is To Blame ogg/2Mb/2006
Naked Eyes - Promises Promises ogg/1.2Mb/2006

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