June 21, 2006

Nothing to report, except

This is the kind of thing I see, read, hear and lust after, nearly every day.

Lust (see: I want)
• I want this Snorg Tee. For christmas ...someone?
Dave Chapelles Block Party - I know a few boyz who'd love to see this

World Cup Updates I can handle.

Sound Of Superman is an album that is well timed around the release of Superman Returns. 14 songs inspired by the man of steel, about heroes, courage and stuff like that. Perhaps perfect for a mid 40s woman who reads romantic novels, or for the soundtrack to your home movie of a 7 year old boy being 'tuff'... OR
• As many concievable versions of Depeche Mode's "Enjoy The Silence" for your downloading pleasure :)

I gotta see Glide Time. "New Zealand, 1976. The clock ticks. The rain pelts down. The heaters don’t work. The phone rings. The in-tray overflows. Clipboards and circulars rule. And there’s a promotion to be had."

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Peter said...

Dave Chappelles block party - in the film festival programme, out today!