June 9, 2006

Naughty 2001

How far we've all come in 5 years. Personally, I sidestepped out of radio into a recording studio and entertainment production environment. Not long after I realised this was a mistake, and I stepped back into the radio world much to my surprise, as the owner/operator of a cool little lpfm radio station, and creative director for a national radio network.

I can say that since 2001, I've harshly shed a lot of 'friends/buddies' over this time. It was needed. But i've also made a lot of new friends and this time, I have allowed them to be a lot closer to me.

5 years ago, the faces of radio were quite different to what it is now. It will be in another 5 years no doubt, but I suspect the 'face' of radio as a medium will have changed greatly, perhaps more significant.

So heres to June 2001. America was blissfully unaware of what was about to hit them in September. The network I worked for had listeners, and these were some of the songs that are now in a time bottle, rare to ever see daylight.

Samantha Mumba - Body II Body (Robbie Rivera 2001 Remix)

King Afrika - La Bomba

Fused - Saving Mary (Robbie Rivera Remix Edit)

Limp Bizkit - My Generation

John OO Fleming vs Simple Minds - Belfast Trance

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