July 13, 2006

Adam Sandler

The trailer for Happy Gilmore has been playing for the last 4-5 days, and watching it again tonight was fun. This movie came out in 1996, and it gave us a twinkling to Adam Sandlers sense of humour, which was to break through in a big way two years later with "The Wedding Singer".

I've admired how he can star in a romantic movie the girls will like, yet be a rage filled maniac that guys will like, yet somehow its sweet to the girls. That's what's made him rich. I also like how he's the most non-80s personality out there, yet most of his movie soundtracks contain kick-ass songs from the 70s and 80s.

Click was a great film, even if the plot was thin ice. Why does radio not play these songs anymore?

Adam is working on his next movie which sees "the attack from 9/11 kill his family, and by chance he bumps into his old college roommate who helps him recover from his grief". I don't know if this will be his finest work, but its noble. Another movie he's working on is about two Philadelphia firefighters who "pretend to be gay in order to receive extra cash from the government" - now that sounds like a bloody funny movie. He starts filming next month.

The trailer that promoted Happy Gilmore all week on TV2 contained a groovy song by Pilot - the Scottish band who peaked around 1975. The song was "Magic" so here it is for you to download - just in case you were curious.

Oh, this weekend TV2 have gone nutso with Little Nicky on Saturday night and 50 First Dates Sunday Night.

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Pilot - Magic ogg/1.2Mb/1975

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skin2skin said...

"Magic" is one of my faves from the 70's!