July 28, 2006

Your iPie - is there harmony?

Fred Jacobs has stumbled across a study that has a very interesting find.

I keep preaching that your media 'pie' (radio, tv, newspaper, iPod, internet, cellphones etc) is getting smaller by the day. There is so much more out there today than there was 10 years ago for us to digest, but we have no more hours in a day to consume it all, so our media pie becomes smaller, and our chosen sources take a smaller share of the pie.

Future generations will be tech-savvy no doubt and will perhaps become less loyal and desensitized to shock antics by, billboards, tv, radio - any media that tries to target them. They will simply be less reponsive, as their needs are already met.

But, has everything already been done in rock n roll? No.

This new study by LPSOS has revealed that radio's place in our media pie has indeed shrunk, but with iPod users in the US, almost 50% of those surveyed would like a built in AM/FM tuner on their iPod. This is a surprise. Wether Apple responds favourably to this feedback remains to be seen.

I'm thinking it could be a positive addition, that is, if the record industry jumps on board. Radio can still be the promotional tool for them, and the 'sharing' and 'purchasing' will remain present for the consumer. If Apple include this, and perhaps develop a portable online capability, then on-the-go downloads and online streaming will add to this platform.

This is an American survey though, and things like digital radio are hard to compare and measure in relation to NZ's non-digital radio environment, however as NZ will have free digital TV uptake in the next few years, television will certainly be measurable against iPod video.

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