July 19, 2006


Springdoo is going to change the way the world emails. It is going to revolutionize email in the way email revolutionized faxes, and faxes revolutionized the postal system.

They say Springdoo is talking email.

I find that in emails, its hard to put across your personal feelings. You have to carefully script what you say. Some people use emoticons but as you'll find out, this app should put all those annoying emoticon companies out of business. I sent myself a dummy message (in a Schwarzenegger accent too) and it worked really well. Too well.

Here's what you need. A webcam, and a mic. You don't need a video capture card and software, and you dont have to worry about file type, compression, codec and size. Grandma won't want to know that stuff anyway.

Go try it. Send yourself a quick hello. Then if you like it, send someone else a quick hello.

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leonie said...

that does look very cool!