August 4, 2006

New Music Aug 4, 2006

I love my late 70s, 80s and early 90s music. All the jams are in there, some of the best written, produced and most inspirational music came through. As much as I like to wear my gray tshirt with "1984" across the neck, I have to break the mould in this post, just to say that there are some fantastic songs out there right now.

Beyonce & Jay Z - Deja Vu
I like how songs like these start - it leads with a false sense of rhythm, then when it kicks in, you get a surprise and your head starts bobbing. Nice.

Clipse ft. Pharrell - Mr. Me Too
Always a fan of Pharrell, and while I haven't got the track he's done with Sleepy Brown (I would have posted that one instead), this is signature Pharrell, and Clipse gels this one together.

Fergie - London Bridges
Perhaps a wise move for Fergie, as she was never an original member of the Black Eyed Peas. Doing a solo project may prove too fruitful and hard for her to return to the Peas. I can hear and see a similarity between her and Gwen Stefani (ex No Doubt) not only with the sound of this song, but both are the female parts of a group, gone solo. It worked for Gwen, Beyonce, heck even Carly Binding.

H.I.M - Killing Lonliness
Pop Rock 2006 styles. Have I grieved enough over the loss of Channel Z? This would have been thrashed, and Im a sucker for dynamic love metal bands. Learn about their Heartagram (very cool)

Lostprophets - Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast)
While were on the modern rock tip, this should be a slap in the face to the owners of now folded new rock formats out there. This is class and you are not.

Ice Cube ft. Snoop Dogg - Go To Church
I just like it coz these are two of my favourite all time rappers. Not sure if I like Ice Cube's new album but this track is good enough to hear 4-5 times a day.

Jessica Simpson - A Public Affair
Why the hell is this here?!?!? I'm a retro boy remember... the clip sees Jessica Simpson, Eva Longoria, Christina Applegate rollerskating (its making a comeback in the US). The last time I went rollerskating was 1997, before the Papatoetoe club was closed. Props to Cheapskates for sponsoring it for as long as they did. I'd think NOW would be a good time for a new generation of young kiwis to get into rollerskating as a social event, and this would be the song playing in the rink.

Justin Timberlake - SexyBack
JT. You headline maker, you heroin addict! One day you'll be caught and charged with posession - then you too will be sucked into the gurgler, its just a matter of time. Until then, you keep making that money in advance for your hefty lawyers bills about to come your way. As for the song, I especially like the shout ("yeah!").

Lily Allen - Smile
Thrashed at CHR radio at the moment. Like her logo too - little lightning bolts are way sexy. Oh, and her mum dated Harry Enfield. I suspect she has an awesome sense of humour :)

Panic At The Disco - I Wrote Sins Not Tragedies
To finish up, I quite like this rock track as it reminds me of The Killers who had some great hits last year. Powerful, emotive and young. A band unbound by templates.

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