August 17, 2006


First place goes to Terabyte for the fantastic work on the new Radio Hauraki website. Everywhere you look, you can see representation of their audience. I'm a big believer in doing things right first time, because often in anything, first impressions count. Content is vital and keeping things updated will keep visitors coming back. After being much delayed, I'm glad to see the official Hauraki website online.

I thought this might be a good time to pit the competition against each other using their websites, and see who's in tune. Things you should consider: Does the website serve the listener and visually represent the listener? Is it easy to navigate and have strong appeal?

Each picture has a link to their respective websites.

Radio Hauraki (Terabyte)

The Rock (CanWest?)

Newstalk ZB (Terabyte)

Radio Live (CanWest?)

More FM (CanWest?)

Classic Hits (Terabyte)

Viva (Terabyte)

The Breeze (CanWest?)

Mai FM (Streamweb)

Flava (Terabyte)

Aside from most of the commercial players, it looks a lot of the niche formats have better tuned websites:

95bFM (Cactuslab)

George FM (?)

Niu FM (DMD)

Kiwi FM (CanWest?)

Radio New Zealand (RadioNZ)

Even the Low Power scene has a few standout examples of functionality, and clear branding:

UpFM (Black Knight)

Base FM (modified template)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hadn't seen the new "Niu" and Kiwi.

some of those websites are definitely up to imaging.

Others are abit boring.

Yea hauraki's does look good.