August 14, 2006

Post #300

How did I get to 300 posts already? Cripes.

The sun is mostly out and I have no idea what to post here for this 300th post. Actually, thats a lie. I have lots, but they're all in draft form.

It's happy birthday to my awesome bank manager today. While I was waiting for my appointment, I noticed they were playing the theme to Austin Powers ("Soul Bossa Nova" by Quincy Jones) from the ceiling speakers in the bank. I saw one of the other consultants wiggling her shoulders to it. She then realised I witnessed this, so told me it reminds her of their Christmas party last year, where "Austin Powers" (Gary Brown) was their DJ on the night and it was very memorable. Memorable? Hmmm, perhaps there was a 'deposit' made that night? Yeah baby yeah!

Meanwhile, Duran Duran are still utilising new technologies way before mainstream does. I hear the guys are performing a live concert as themselves on the increasingly popular virtual reality website Second Life. This is great - as I can now see DD live, without even being there (as such). Download and listen to the BBC interview they had with Nick Rhodes HERE, and if you're online at the time, look for me (as "Retro Bueller") at this online concert!

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