September 3, 2006

Clip Of The Week: Sept 9, 06

I first caught this clip when down in Hamilton a few years back, and I was up late watching M2 (TV2's overnight music "service"). If there are songs out there that you just can't get ot of your head like Yellow Submarine (oops, sorry about that), then there are videos out there that just fascinate you, with no real explanation why. Recently, C4 interviewed Tool, and they said that their approach was to break down how we receive visual information, and rebuild it from scratch.

If thats the explanation for this video, I accept the idea as I have no idea what its about, I don't like the song (or Tool for that matter), but still find it grossly intriguing, sadly. Art is art though, so watch it if you never have, and watch it only once. Have 10 minutes spare as this is quite an epic.

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