September 6, 2006

Photoshop Shortcuts

For selfish reasons, I'm putting this onto the blog for my own reference. Use it if you like.

(* is a tool - hold down Shift to select another tool from the list when pressing the tools key, hold Alt when clicking on a tool to scroll through the available varieties)

*A : Selects the path/direct selection tool
*B : Selects the brush/pencil tool
*C : Selects the crop tool
D : Resets the color palette to black/white
*E : Selects the eraser tool
F : Toggles the window view from normal, full screen, black screen
*G : Selects the bucket/gradient tool
*H : Selects the hand tool
*I : Selects the eyedropper/color sampler/measure tool
*J : Selects the healing brush/patch tool
*K : Selects the slice/slice select tool
*L : Selects the lasso/polygonal lasso/magnetic lasso tool
*M : Selects the rectangular marquee/elliptical marquee tool
*N : Selects the notes/audio annotation tool
*O : Selects the dodge/burn/sponge tool
*P : Selects the pen/freeform pen/add anchor point/delete anchor point/convert anchor tool
Q : Enters quick mask mode
*R : Selects the blur/sharpen/smudge tool
*S : Selects the clone stamp/pattern stamp tool
*T : Selects the horizontal type/vertical type/horizontal type mask/vertical type mask tool
*U : Selects the rectangle/rounded rectangle/ellipse/polygon/line/custom shape tool
*V : Selects the move tool
*W : Selects the wand tool
X : Toggles the colors in the color palette
*Y : Selects the history brush/art history brush tool
*Z : Selects the zoom tool

CTRL+A : Selects everything
CTRL+B : Let's you modify the color balance
CTRL+E : Merges the selected layer with the layer below, or merges all linked layers
CTRL+F : Applies last used Filter
CTRL+G : Groups the selected layer with the layer below it
CTRL+I : Inverts the layers colors
CTRL+J : Duplicates the Selected Layer
CTRL+K : Brings up the "preferences" window
CTRL+L : Let's you modify the levels
CTRL+M : Let's you modify the curves
CTRL+N : Opens a new document
CTRL+O : Brings up the "open document" window
CTRL+P : Brings up the "print options" window
CTRL+Q : Quits PhotoShop
CTRL+R : Toggles the Ruler
CTRL+S : Brings up the "save as" window
CTRL+T : Lets you free transform the current layer
CTRL+U : Lets you modify the hue/saturation
CTRL+V : Pastes what is in the clipboard into the currently selected blank layer, or a new layer
CTRL+W : Closes the Current project window
CTRL+X : Cuts the selection from the page
CTRL+Y : Toggles the Color modes
CTRL+Z : Un-does the last action

CTRL+SHIFT+B : Applies an auto-color
CTRL+SHIFT+D : Reselects what was last selected
CTRL+SHIFT+E : Merges all of the layers in you document
CTRL+SHIFT+F : Gives you options to modify your last made brush/pencil application
CTRL+SHIFT+K : Brings up the "color settings" window
CTRL+SHIFT+L : Applies an auto-level
CTRL+SHIFT+M : Loads Adobe ImageReady
CTRL+SHIFT+N : Creates a new layer
CTRL+SHIFT+P : Brings up the "page setup" window
CTRL+SHIFT+S : Brings up the "save as" window
CTRL+SHIFT+U : Desaturates the Layer
CTRL+SHIFT+X : Brings up the "liquify filter" window
CTRL+SHIFT+Z : Steps one back in the history

CTRL+ALT+B : Brings up the "color balance" window
CTRL+ALT+E : Copies the contents of the currently selected layer to the layer beneath it
CTRL+ALT+F : Let's you modify the settings of the last used filter, and then apply it
CTRL+ALT+G : Groups with previous
CTRL+ALT+J : Duplicates the layer, and gives you the option of naming the duplicate
CTRL+ALT+T : Let's you free-tranform the currently selected layer, once your transform has been made, it creates a new layer containing the changes
CTRL+ALT+X : Brings up the "Extract" window
CTRL+ALT+Z : Moves back in the history

CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+E : Takes the currently selected layer, and it copies all of the contents of other visible layers to the selected layer
CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+L : Applies an auto-contrast
CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+N : Creates a new layer, without asking for the layer name or other
CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+O : Opens up the "File Browser" palette
CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+P : Prints one copy
CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+S : Brings up the "save for web" window
CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+X : Brings up the "pattern makers" filter window
CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+Y : As far as i can notice, this will "gray out" any colors that are in the right section of the spectrum in the color chooser

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