September 14, 2010

Sticky Radio

There are some great things about morning radio. The continuous fresh approach (and longevity) of the hosts is a factor, the music as the 'good glue' in between the personality also counts for a lot.

Now, I'm racking my brain but I can't give an example, so I'm left to say that brekky hosts who have witnessed sunrises in front of a mic for at least 5 years, have this amazing ability to keep you listening - even though you've parked the car and really need to get to a meeting, with a wee detour beforehand, but you just HAVE to stay to finish listening to a piece on the radio. They create STICKY RADIO.

The stupidest ideas are often the best, and they regularly do what every good host can do - bring people in from the woodwork. When the phones light up with 'new' listeners (in talk radio land: the first time caller, long time listener), you know your segment/feature/bit is a winner.

So, from your experience - what silly feature actually isn't that silly at all? What's the key to Sticky Radio?
Perhaps you can answer that, or perhaps you can hit me some example you remember from days gone by that you really liked, or ones that are addictive today.

Many Aucklanders will remember Brent & Lance on 91.8 More FM - their "Afternoon Breakfast" was full of 'em, and those features we're great. Many ran for years before eventual retirement (like "We've Heard Them All"), some are recycled in other forms, and others are left as fun (and fast becoming) distant memories.

If you're on Twitter, let's have some fun. Let's use this hashtag: #stickyradio for suggestions, and I will follow it and update this blog post with the findings (and credit you!).

Some examples:
  • "Loogle" - Lance Dunne's version of Google (ask Lance, instead of Google) #stickyradio
  • "Uncle Sam" - Sela Alo's FOS* "Uncle" who has (not so) wise commentaries and advice for Niu FM listeners #stickyradio
  • "Let's Go There" - Hauraki's (former) Morning Pirates would expose the ridiculous, and proceed to 'go there' by re-enacting the moment in question, cued by harp sfx #stickyradio
If you're not on Twitter, just comment below to add yours.

You get the idea. Let's hear yours. Let's do this!

#Stickyradio on Twitter:

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Richard said...

*FOS - full o shit