October 6, 2006

Classic Hits or Variety Hits?

I've heard enough of Billy Joel, The Eagles, David Bowie, Eurythmics, Elton John, Fleetwood Mac, or most of the music mix heard on classic hits stations heard around the world. Even the "whatever" idea has been dropped as quickly as it was picked up in the US. The shift has gone from Variety Hits (which was slated as the "saviour" of Classic Hits as recently as April 2005 as reported on Billboard.com), now back to Classic Hits, and either way its concerning to witness these "what the hell are we" format adjustments which, to me, displays a lack of confidence and direction.

I would like to see a lot more focus by Classic Hits formats. You just can't be everything to everyone anymore.

The newly launched Movin' 107.5 in Portland Oregon is a prime example of this. Its "Black" Classic Hits - and it's very listenable. The variety is there - and its great hear the 'effect' of the "whatever" element without train-wreck playlists. The targeting is VERY solid, and I expect it to do really well. No surprise to learn that its not a Clear Channel station, but owned by CBS.

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