March 28, 2005

Choo Hoo!

Retro Hit Radio (my iPod 'on the air') delivered some juicy morsels over the weekend. It's great programming the station, but listening without intent is even better. I'm just like one of my 600 listeners. Gems and disasters noted over the weekend:

David Bowie - Underground, Wannadies - You And Me Song, Everything But The Girl - Walking Wounded, Apollo Smile - Dune Buggy, Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms (8 min album), Elvis Costello - Veronica, Split Enz - I Walk Away, Men Without Hats - Pop Goes The World, Skid Row - Youth Gone Wild, Soho - Hippychick, INXS - Disappear.

J Geils Band - Centrefold (not good on sundays), Inner Circle - Summer Jammin (its not summer no more), Robert Plant - 29 Palms (suddenly boring), Richard Marx - Hazard (must fix daypart to 'no brekkie').

It's an ongoing thing... y'know how it is.
No playlist enquiries please, unless you have ID. Refusal may offend.

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