March 27, 2005

Stats R'Ass

I'd forgotten about my old statcounter working silently on every page load.

I've been working on a new design for this blog, and was copying some code across to the new design, when I stumbled on the statcounter code. I hadn't checked this for ages, so I trotted as one can on the sticky web for a jacksie.

I logged in and found that 57% of my readers are from New Zealand, 25% from the USA and 5% from the UK. Then its a bunch of 2% pieces from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia, Canada, Ireland, Belgium, and the "Russian Federation" - I thought it was just Russia. And WE have flag issues?

Other amazing news is that my estimated readership of seven, has been pressure-popped up to an average of 140 unique readers a month!

Meanwhile, the browser war continues: 31% of you read this with Firefox - Netscape is dead on 1% and is beaten by something called Omniweb (on 2%). Sadly 64% are stuck with IE - although I'd hope to think its because most of my readers read thoughts at work, and their IT people are stuck in 1998.

1 comment:

zgirl said...

And I happened to be in the 2% clutter..