March 27, 2005

Easter Weekend 2005

This is the first time in a solid month of work that I've had some time off, and quite frankly - JOY.

It couldn't have been better timed. A lot of people I've spoken with over the weekend agree. Last weekends ending of daylight savings (gaining an hours sleep), and now a four day weekend for easter is weird for March, but very very welcome.

The Bob & Eric Podcast is going well thanks - a couple of you have asked about it. Show #1 is now 'out there', and shows 2+3 are already recorded and will be released with billboards, radio and TV advertising, and a small section in the personals.. uhh, who am I kidding. The next two shows are out in April. We record two for May in a week or so. Yeah, organised.

The new design for thoughts v4 is still buggy, but it looks good. I have a static background in mind with rolling text. I've always thought the impression of layering text over images is cool - especially when only the text scrolls. I've never got around to figuring that one out until now. Yes, its very 1997 (see Netscape 4 ha!) - shit thats geeky. sorry.

Work is steady - about to become full-on. I'm about to undertake great responsibility by managing the creative department at Niu FM, so thats one challenge I've been looking forward to. In short, it's been life as we know it - but not as usual. I may move house this year, but only temporary until christmas, before I plunge myself northward to Orewa, to engage Hillary Square and Moana Reserve as often as possible. (Dang, just when I got Sky installed here too - d'oh)

The Royal Easter Show was good fun, although the third consecutive skybound ride hammered by stomach, and got me all queazy. "You can get fucked if you think I'm doing the gravitron after this ride - clown man"

Enjoyed the Alien Quadrilogy on Sky. Shit those movies are good, no matter how naff the first one was. GnR rocks too.

Tomorrow, I plan on spending at least five hours at Real Groovy. See you on the other side :)

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