August 4, 2005

Deep Down

How about that Pointer Sisters 'Pinball Number Count'??

Saw it on C4 last night on SoundLab.

I remember as a kid, whenever it came on the telly, my attention was diverted from the transformers or knight rider RC car to the telly. What number would it be this time? Where would the pinball go this time? It was such a rush - I still remember it clearly...

Wanna listen? Go here (click 'listen')


Triplux said...

Thanks for the memory - totally took me back!
I would love to see the video again some time.

Anonymous said...

it got reissued on the flip of the cookie monster - C is for cookie disco mix 12" that Ninjatune stuck out a few years back - apparently they'd been trying to license it for ages for a mix compilation by DJ Food. The version on the 12" is a special re-edit DJ Food did, not previously available. Think the video may be lurking on the Ninjatune website

Peter mac

Smacked Face said...

The C Is For Cookie track is not just a disco mix, but Larry Levan's first-ever remix, fact fans! And the Pointer Sisters' Pinball Song is a *quality* funk groove - I've played it out more than once, it's a winner... xx