August 1, 2005

Two Tickets to Paradise

Judging by the thumping bassline from Retro Hit Radio 88.1 - Rob Base & DJ Eazy Rock is shaking my house vibrating the garage door at the moment.. Retro Rocks, fuck does it what.

Further to that, I'm thoroughly digging flying a freaking car around Grand Theft Auto on XBox, modded 'up the hizzy' of course, picking up hillbilly girlfriends in the desert and doing insane jumps off skyscrapers with a five-star wanted rating, that has police choppers and tanks chasing me down with heat seeking missiles, wrecking the vehicle to the point of explosion, and in no great surprise - hanging the Xbox. Go Microsoft.

I'm planning a Creative Meeting soon inside a Link Bus in Aucklands inner (hmm), maybe more genius like Super Maori Fulla will eventuate?. Boy the Eggs Benny n Bacon this morning at Atomic with a cup of their finest grind from their finest waitresses were supreme.

I've tried to keep my posts on this blog free from; diary entry type posts, current girlfriend dreams, work achievements and my internal jukebox, but for some reason they are all contained within. Shit...

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