August 9, 2005

The Music of Today

Like a kid in a candy store, I've been cosuming plenty of my bandwidth allowance of late listening to new, rare, remixed, demos, bootlegged, mashed, acoustic and cover tracks.

Between the differing versions of Wonderwall to 8 minute versions of what I usually hear 3 minutes of, the underside of the music industry sure has some merit. Thank goodness for the internet in this regard, as I find it hard to enjoy the concept of bFM or Fleet FM.

I'm a commercial radio listener and can only 'dig' stuff I can sing along to. I've gotta be in the right headspace to open up and enjoy something new, although that headspace is quite often open. Especially on a pleasant day like today.

It is with great pleasure I share this website with you. Good on you if you have already found this one:, and Im sure you will forward me a few more url's to keep me happy. I have also posted a few favourites on the sidebar. Go have a look + listen.

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Paul Capewell said...

Awesome! Thanks muchly.