August 31, 2005

My World Studio

The world is a studio. This my thought today.

My station's drive host does his show from Birmingham, through VNC file transfer.

The recent entry about Don Lafontaine and link to an interview with him, explained to me how ISDN allows him to be anywhere, live. We use this to access Niu FM's corporate voice (who is in Wellington) among other things.

The next thing is of course Skype type apps. Google has just launched their Google Talk, and I will either begin using this or Skype soon to run a podcast that has guest hosts, and interviewees live via this app. Considering I already have a Gmail address, the job is already half done.

My only pickle, is that Google Talk uses the same javascript, or whatever platform it uses which is used on the Gmail website (once logged in). It takes longer to load, but good once you're inside. Google Talk is like that, and Im not fond of:

a) staring at my screen waiting for something to happen, and
b) clicking away - only for Google Talk to hang my computer.

(not responding) I hate that!

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