August 23, 2005

Ministry of Economic Development - Business Update

From the MED Business Update Website:

Activity in low power FM broadcasting is increasing around major population centres.

This results in more attention by Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) to these transmitters to ensure they comply with the Low Power FM General User Radio Licence (LPFM GURL).

Recent cases have included:
Hamilton: A transmitter with unintended emissions in a land mobile band and a transmitter installed in a high rise building without the building owner’s knowledge or consent. In the latter case, the transmitter was concealed on top of a cabinet in a lift machinery room. The programme was fed via an internet link from an unknown source. The building manager turned the transmitter off and removed the equipment (the size of a computer video card).

Palmerston North: Permitted use auditing in the UHF TV band led to the discovery of a Low Power TV broadcaster. Checks indicated that there was an issue with the broadcasting use as the GURL shows the band in use for audio video senders only.

No problems in Auckland. Things seem like they're working for the LPFM Society.

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