September 5, 2005

Make that change

Jacko warned us '87, asking us to Make That Change. He asked us again in '01 to Change The World. Some thought the "browser wars" were over, but was clearly the beginning.

Realign your mind. Upgrade yourself. Find out why Internet Explorer sucks.
Below is a link to a great site which will explain the flaws with the default Windows web browser.

Forward this onto someone who has no clue why people are saying install Firefox or Safari. Why we should give Netscape another go, or opt for Opera.

Even your grandad has the skill to upgrade, so what are you waiting for?

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Last July we were given our new laptop. On receiving it, I followed by brother’s recommendation and set up Firefox. It was fairly straightforward to download, and has proved easy to use since. We get absolutely NO pop-ups or adverts, and 99% of our favourite sites work. On that basis I installed it on the desktop; the children report that “those grey boxes” and “rude things” have stopped coming through, and that it doesn’t crash so often now.

If only our I.T guys would listen to Michael Jackson.

nb: I consumed 6 hours of Jackos 1992 concert from C4, plus every music video he's ever made over the weekend. Forgive me. Ahh heee heee!

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