September 22, 2005

Minutes: 22 Sept

Happy Thoughts:
Kanye West, thank you for having your eyes open, and keeping it real[.wmv].
Gilmores for their glorious rows of bulk goods, at cheep prices.
Michael Campbell. What a turnaround! every Blogger out there doing what they do, giving us an alternative. our expats who voted in the NZ Election. You matter more than ever!
J.D Fortune is the new lead singer for INXS:

Angry Thoughts:
Skytower patrons were evacuated, yet Skycity Casino patrons were not.
The London Bombers successfully completed a dummy run 10 days earlier.

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Michael said...

J.D Fortune is the new lead singer for INXS

Yes indeed. I watched the whole thing, and I hated him pretty much the whole time - a little too arrogant. In the end though I think they made the only choice they could - I definitely think his voice fits their back catalogue better than any of the others. It will be interesting to hear to hear the full INXS version of Pretty Vegas. I don't know if it will do much to reignite their careers in the US though - the ratings weren't very good here. I was super sceptical about it when it premiered but in the end have to admit that I really enjoyed it!