September 1, 2005

Price of Petrol

My head. How do I deal with $1.53 a litre of 96?

A few ideas about perceptual changes to the way I buy petrol came up in conversation at Red Rooster the other night. Why not fill your tank, and then refill it only when it gets down to half. That way, perception says you only pay half price for a full tank (and you'll always have a full tank at half price).

Please dont dig holes into this pereceptual dream of mine. I know its flawed, but I just cannot face skyhigh prices to fill a tank any more. Im done, and is the very reason why Im gonna put this spam on my blog:


It has been calculated that if everyone in New Zealand did not purchase a drop of petrol for one day at all the same time the oil companies could possibly choke on their stockpiles.

At the same time it would hit the entire industry with a net loss at the current prices of $1.50 per litre (30 litres for a full tank) $45.00 x a conservative estimate of 2,000,000 vehicles in NZ that would equate to $90 million dollar loss (one day) to the oil companies and hit their profit margins.

Therefore September 5th has been informally declared "Stick it up their butts day".

Motorists of New Zealand should not buy a single drop for that day!

The only way this can be done if your forward this e-mail to as many people as you can to get the word out.

Waiting on this Government to step in and control prices is not going to happen and there is an Election coming so why not throw them into a panic.


Remember one thing about raising gas prices:

* Airlines are forced to raise their prices

* Trucking companies forced to raise their prices

* These prices affect the cost of shipping

* Flow on effect that your GROCERY BILL goes up

* Flow on effect on clothing, building, medical supplies!

* It effects all of us in every area while companies can write off these expenses, consumers cannot.

Who pays in the end?

WE DO - The consumer!

We can make a difference if they don't get the message after one day we will do it again and again.

Enough of these ridiculous excuses that the oil companies use to justify their increases everything from President Bush missing a golf stroke on the 9th hole to Aunt Fanny's artificial leg falling off.

If you are sick of this manipulation vote with your car and do not buy a drop. Spread the word and mark the date on your calendars.

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Richard said...

Its not working. Thought as much.
Papers out the window on this one. I'm spending half as much each visit, but visiting Gull twice as often. Bah!