September 12, 2005


It's interesting times in the world of Retro 80s artists. Remasters, boxed sets, original mixes and remixes are under extraction, and mostly hitting UK shelves. Props to siart for the heads up.

Of note, this one that comes out on Sept 27th: The Human League "Original Remixes". A few of these tracks are debuting for the first time on CD here (previously available on vinyl).


1 Being Boiled (Travelogue Version)
2 The Sound Of The Crowd (12" Version)
3 Love Action (Instrumental Mix)
4 Hard Times (Instrumental Mix)
5 Open Your Heart (12" Version)
6 Don't You Want Me (Special Extended Dance Mix) - hell yes!
7 Mirror Man (Extended Version)
8 (Keep Feeling) Fascination (Improvisation Mix)
9 The Lebanon (Extended Version)
10 Life On Your Own (Extended Version)
11 Electric Dreams (Extended Version)
12 Human (Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis Mix)
13 Love Is All That Matters (Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis Mix) - v good!
14 Heart Like A Wheel (Extended Version)

Also, wouldnt you know another 80s supergroup with a new found abundance of superness in 2005? Not Bon Jovi, not U2, not Depeche Mode, nor Tears for Fears, Def Leppard or Duran Duran - yet all these guys have current releases out there (didya know?). Im on about the most impressively progressive Simple Minds. These guys always seem to shy away when labelled a stadium band, but lets face it, the music sounds epic. Tidy production speaks out on the new single "Home".

If you can find this album, give it a listen. I expect you will be surprised.

Not so much a supergroup but yes to superness. If you want to dig a little deeper, then XTC's "Apple Box" is a treat. A massive 4 CD set includes the demos from Apple Venus and Wasp Star. In UK music stores October 11. Just get on the blower to Dubber to go shopping in Birmingham for you. He may even blog about it (his blog is gathering dust of late - why Andrew?).

Tracklisting (includes):

River Of Orchids, I'd Like That, Easter Theatre, Knights In Shining Karma, Frivolous Tonight, Greenman, Your Dictionary, Fruit Nut, I Can't Own Her, Harvest Festival, Last Balloon, Playground, Stupidly Happy, In Another Life, My Brown Guitar, Boarded Up, Standing In For Joe, Wheel & The Maypole, In Another Life (Excerpt Of Original Demo), In Another Life (Jug Band Version), Some Lovely, I'm The Man Who Murdered Love (Early Other Cassette), I'm The Man Who Murdered Love (Tamla Demo Excerpt), I'm The Man Who Murdered Love, Were All Light (Early Cassette Idea), Were All Light, Standing In For Joe (Lounge Version), Wounded Horse, You & The Clouds Will Still Be Beautiful, Lie For A Lie (Cassette Demo), Church Of Women, Pot Won't Hold Our Love (Cassette Demo), Everything Decays (Early Cassette Demo)

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