June 10, 2004


I'm looking forward to Athens.

Remember the mystery that suspended most of us before NZ Idol began, although we knew exactly what was going to happen? Same goes here but luckily for me, as this post is published, there is no real attention on Athens, three months out. We only know about the troubles and fleeting deadline that Greece is trying to keep to, and thats about all that is crunched into the side of our brain.

I now have a couple of new facts for that spot on the side - which will be easy to remember:
June 9 - International Track Open 2004 & International Swimming Meeting.
July 9 - The Olympic Flame arrives back in Greece
August 13 - uh, thats the Opening Ceremony. Full games schedule>> .pdf

Check out the Official Site for a virtual tour of Athens, the goss on Mount Everest, learn the route of the torch after todays fanfare in Egypt, be bombarded with 'interesting facts', and check up on the Paralympic Games to follow during September.

I also found this cute wallpaper for your PC so you can quietly be ahead of the pack.

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