June 24, 2004

The Top40 Faux Pax

Can I leave you wondering?

Visit the Top40 website, and select the Album charts for chart #1384 - should be 16 November 2003. Both #1 and #2 are new entries yet #2 had more sales. How did that happen?

The Chart Rules (revised April 2004) states in Section 4.1, paragraph 2:

"The Top 40 Album Chart seeks to rank the SALES performance of such hit products on an as common a basis as possible. To qualify for the chart, aspirant Top 40 product will have the following characteristic:"

- it then goes on to stipulate TPI and other requirements for eligibility, for which these two albums obviously have.

How can one brand new Album with platinum sales land at #2, under another brand new Album with only gold sales?

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