June 23, 2004


There is something menacing about Sopranos.

Is it when you get the impression that they will do one thing, they surprise everyone and do something else?

Do they smoke after the job?, and is there really a difference between a Soprano and a Mezzo?

• Soprano - "The highest singing voice of a woman or young boy"
• Mezzo - "soprano with a voice between soprano and contralto" ..ok then..
• Contralto - "The lowest female voice or voice part, intermediate in range between soprano and tenor".

And, yes I will now get to the point of "The" Sopranos, not our fair Dame Kiri Te Kanawa or any of the others at Soprano Central.

The questions above are still relevant (becuase I made them relevant), and gave me a chance to fool you from the get go. I wish the show could fool me, however.

Ever since my first post on this here blog about whats on our TV (I had to start simple, to figure out how this blog thing works, you see) I had anticipated the return of Tony Soprano and his basketcase of problems. I was enthusiastic to get back into my mafia alter-ego and start sending out emails tagged with 'kapiche?, but alas I now miss Nip/Tuck.

The stories are dull, slow moving and frankly, do not deliver the tension I was expecting. So what if the newest member to 'the family' (Christopher) screwed up a new 'opportunity', Tony gets mad, bashes his steering wheel yelling "fuck, fuck fuck", I just raise my eyebrow. Am I supposed to feel like clobbing Christopher with a Taiha in almighty rage, or am I supposed to sit back knowing full well he'll get a pair of concrete shoes next episode? I'm not convinced.

Instead, I have two weeks of 24 to catch up on, and the almighty web to view episode spoilers for the rest of the Sopranos season, so I can tune in when some real guano hits the capoli... speaking of lingo:

Soprano Quotes:
• "Fuck them. I ever see that prison doctor, God forbid, I'm gonna say, "Hey fuckstick, they ever show you these in medical school? They're called balls." - Larry Boy Barese
• "Don't get me wrong. I always liked your cousin. But whackin' Philly's brother was a major poke in the ass." - Silvio
• "In the old days, the ones that came over, that started this thing, they didn't get mad. They just smiled and nodded and made sure you got it later. That's the whole beautiful point. You know what they say: Revenge is like serving cold cuts." - Tony
• "To think. When I got out of the joint, I thought an airbag was Paulie Walnuts." - Tony Blundetto

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