June 25, 2004

Bucket of GE free niblets

OK, the weekend is here and if you're scanning blogs (thats for visiting mine), then here's a few groovy spots on the net I'd like to share with ya:

• I would love to see Arnold Schwarzenneger on one of these
Base FM is finally online with a phat-az website
Test The Nation 2004 - My IQ is 119 - I got 50 out of 60 right (19 better than last year!)
• Wanna see what Transit are doing to our Central Auckland Motorways?
• The updated Radio & Records Website makes us dig a little deeper for U.S chart information.
• It's about time I shared this Radio link - just have at least an hour free.
Cow Freedom "A cow swims in a similar fashion to a dog"
• Plan a weekend NOW with your friends and rise through the ranks with DMG's Calendar.
• Tips, ideas and The Buzz on small business. Invaluable information!
• An insight into a Program Director's online life.
• Where will Live Music get a new lease of life in Auckland?

Its great to see after an intense campaign, we have got a commitment from McDonalds to seek a non-GE chicken feed supply. Much love to my friends at Greenpeace and all my fellow volunteers and cyber activists. more

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