June 10, 2004

Riding the wave: Audioblogging and more...

Audioblogging is here*

We can now phone Blogger and make our blog from anywhere! "Wow the snow is awesome today! you should be here, your Majesty... and yes the Corgis will be okay".

Here come the extra add-ons to a neat piece of web - and I can't fault it as it seems simple enough. Ring the number, leave your message of up to 5 minutes much like an answerphone, and boom - your recording is uploaded to your Blog as an mp3 file for all to hear.
Here's a tip: If you are a musician, send riffs and ideas to your circle of blogreaders/bandmembers for comment, unless you're the bass player, which you should not have a blog. (joking) - You could even upload your own music.

Here's an example of how it works.

But that's not all. The good people at Blogger (of whom now have my status of Blogizzle Shizzle..) are working on Indexing, Categories, and Meta-search for our Blogs, and I would assume Googizzle Shizzle would be used considering they are the parents.

What else?
I suggested to Blogger that they should work in cahoots with Vodafone, so we can PXT 2 Blog! I can then take a pic of the gorgeous skifield and paste it online so that I can interrupt the Horrock machine. (evil laugh)

I know this is a bit of a plug for Blogger, but hell - you hardly get quality on the net for free these days, plus this make the internet just a little bit more mobile.

*not available outside of the US

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