June 11, 2004

Cube2 - Hypercube

I watched Cube2 the other day. It's a great film, and not as gruesome as the first. If you are unfamiliar with the plot, here tis:
You awaken inside a bright square white room. In the middle of the four walls, ceiling and floor are small doorways. Put your hand on the door and it opens into another cube. Kinda like a maze. The door stays open until you either go through it, or move away from it - theory being you can look into two cubes at once.

The star of the movie has no idea which way is out, and along the way will run into other people moving between cubes. Some people are just as confused, while others are either right at home or dillusional.

Here the kicker. It's not a maze.

The Cube itself just opens into more and more cubes, exactly the same, but some have different properties - and this is why I liked the movie - and here's a few:

• Some cubes were based in the future, with doorways to the past, or
• a cube with no gravity, or an alternate gravitational pull, or
• One of my favourites was a cube that had a different time speed - imagine looking into that cube from another and you'll see what I mean about the mathematical science of it all! Watching someone age quickly/or them watching you age "depending which cube has the faster timespeed" is a mind trip when you start thinking about possible paradoxical scenarios!

This was a clever little scene where the female star of the movie was leaving one Cube into another, when a door on the other side opened, she looked back and saw herself looking back at her in disbelief. Following the star 20 minutes later, she opens a door and sees herself 20 minutes ago looking at.. herself about to go through a door. I'll give you a moment to think about that one!

It got me thinking about Three Dimensional objects and more interestingly, fourth dimensional and "Impossible" objects. Moo?

Two dimensional is what we see on South Park. There is no viewing angle.
Three dimensions are when you give things perspective, like drawing a triangle, then expanding it into a pyramid. We then get volume and other new things with 3D.
The mind can be manipulated with three dimensional images - remember those IMax goggles? Also, a lot of optical illusions that sometimes flood our emails or toilet walls, all use the 3D platform.

If you have 2 minutes now, then have a quick play with 4 dimensions (requires java) - click "mirror" and "thick lines", then move the image by click + drag.
If you have a further 5 minutes, then read up about it. Truly fascinating!

If you discover the trickery of four dimensions, you will get more out of Cube2 - that is, if you decide to watch it. Interesting twist at the end too.
Out now on DVD at your favourite video store! (in my best corporate voice)

-view trailer
-Official Site (in french sorry - the english one is down but you'll get the idea)

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