June 8, 2004

William Hung

The American Idol producers are brilliant (and why does Paula Abdul still look hot?!?!?).
It won't win them any credibility or awards (barf) but the William Hung idea is definitely this years Ketchup Song.

Every person on this earth can sing. Some good, many bad and in my opinion, he is the worlds worst singer. But still worthy of making an album.

Where would you be if you didn't know where the absolute bottom of the barrell was?

To clarify, there are a lot of different opinions about any new artist - from critics, to user reviews to publications like Real Groove or Uncut (hic) with album reviews. My point is, that they all have differing opinions on say, the new George Michael album.

I could almost guarantee that every one of these reviewers wherever they are, regardless of how much coffee they are (or were) swimming in - will give William Hung the same bad review. There is nothing good on his album - unless you like out of tune, karaoke-like slaughtered covers of gems like Hotel California, Rocket Man and I Believe I Can Fly, through to his American Idol audition piece "She Bangs".

I see the humour and apparent sincerity in the way Mr Hung presents his album, and as much as I would like to like it - even if just for novelty value, I cannot settle to like it.

-suggested note by a radio friend of mine today: This would be a good time for a certain NZ Asian Network DJ to release his own album - while the goings good (and add the proceeds to his on-air Fiji fundraiser).

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zgirl said...

Hrmmn... I still don't understand what's the fuss with William Hung. Like what Simon said, he can't sing, he can't dance ... I honestly think, the music company is making a big joke out of him. I think his parents knew but don't care cos he is making money now.