June 30, 2004

O² required?

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, just settling to bed, I flick the radio to my 'weekly pick' - which this week was Solid Gold FM (93.4FM in Auckland).

Instead I heard a "Rock" ID. What the?, had I tuned right?
Yep, 93.4 - so what was on 90.2? (The Rock's Auckland Frequency)
I found Solid Gold there. It stayed thay way right through their respective breakfast shows later that morning. Can you imagine the horror to both sets of listeners that morning!

Media Sauces' Paul Kennedy informed us all that it was "Apparently a case of literally plugging the wrong cables back in after BCL testing/maintenance at the Sky Tower some time in the early hours. Oooooops."

It sparked a bit of deeper speculation on my part. I don't take things like this as 'real accidents', and like a conspiracy theorist Im now led to believe there is something sneaky going on over at Canwest.

After proof-reading this post, it somehow reminded me of the NuuFM launch years ago.
A day prior to it's launch, I spoke to one of the staff members and he gave off a great feeling of prelaunch excitment, as a magician would just before revealing the punch. He was thrilled about the the reaction from the existing listeners. It was a classical format and they won't wake to Mozarts 'Cosi Fan Tutte', instead Ace Of Base!! - as if to say 'suck eggs losers'. Of course NuuFM closed down not long after, it's frequency went to Radio Pacific and it's "broom closet" studio is now Mai FM production.

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